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About Us

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      I opened Little Wings Preschool after finding my passion to help children grow to become the best they can! Seeing a child light up when they accomplish something new, laughing and playing, making friends, seeing just how bright their minds shine; I knew I had to reach even more children.  We provide a small setting, small class sizes, and unique hands on school perfect for your little one!


     We are providing them everything they need to excel in school; academically and emotionally. Our first focus is strictly on the safety of your child and, of course, their happiness! When a child finds joy in learning something new they should be encouraged to show it to the world. That's exactly what we do here! 

     Little Wings doesn't only strive to educate your child, we want to make sure they learn how to socialize, deal with emotions, encourage each other, and show as much kindness as possible, and -never- give up. Children's minds are sponges at this age. We want to make sure they are soaking in all the greatness in this world. 

     We provide curriculum that includes a daily "special" of math, science, music, or art. Literacy is practiced daily as well as physical education. Making each day something fun and unique to keep your child engaged and excited! We also promote healthy living for ourselves and our earth! Kids will learn about recycling, healthy activities, and so much more. 

     We hope to make an impact on every child I meet, leaving them with knowledge they will continue to grow for the rest of their lives!


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