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Join us Saturday mornings, 8:30-9:30 am! $25 ticket includes 1 adult, 1 child (age 3-8) for a 30 min workout, 30 min free play in our ball pit and bounce house. Parents can socialize and get to know a great group of women and men! 


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What is Weekend Warriors?

We created Weekend Warriors to build a community for parents and children to live in a healthy, active, and giving lifestyle. Adult and child will complete a 30 min workout, followed by a social 30 mins for parents and free play for kids in our ball pit/slide and bounce house!

Practising Yoga with Mom
Volunteers Packing Food

We GIVE back! 

Weekend Warriors isn't just for kids and adults to grow and stay active together, we also want to teach the importance of giving back to our community. Each month we focus on gathering donations for a cause, then volunteering out in the community. 

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